Teardrop Pendant Necklace

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  • Simple, yet beautiful pendant necklace with tear shaped semi precious stone on 18k gold dipped chain is a great piece to add to your jewelry collection or give it as a gift to loved one.
  • Use of Turquoise dates as far back as 5500 B.C., when it was believed to prevent accidents and cure diseases of the head and the heart.
  • December birthstone.
  • Some of the most powerful intentions to use with a Turquoise crystal stem from its calming and healing energy.
  • Because the Turquoise crystal healing properties are so programmable, you can program your stone with whatever goal you are working on and your stone can act as your very own personal health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach, or any other supportive guide on your health journey.
  • The Turquoise crystal meaning works by cleansing your mind, body and spirit of any and all unwanted or negative energy.
  • Wearing Turquoise in the form of jewelry is one of the most powerful ways to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day.
  • Perfect gift item for your special someone.
  • Comes in a gift box- you can include a gift message and address it directly to the recipient.
  • Made with 18k gold dipped brass chain that can be adjusted from 16" to 18"
  • Can be layered with other necklace.