Aqua Chalcedony Statement Ring

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🔸Beautiful gold vermeil ring with Aqua Chalcedony gemstone is a great addition to your collection and also makes memorable gift for your special person.

🔸Made with quality materials: 18K gold plated 925 sterling silver and blue chalcedony gemstone.
🔸Blue Chalcedony derives its name from the Greek term "chalcedon" which means a type of quartz. Ancient civilizations revered this stone for its calming and soothing properties. It is believed to promote feelings of peace, harmony, and tranquility, making it an excellent stone for relaxation and meditation. Symbolizing purity and gentle energy, Blue Chalcedony is often associated with communication and emotional healing.
🔸Healing Properties:
Blue Chalcedony is renowned for its various healing properties, both spiritually and physically. It is believed to enhance communication skills, encouraging open and honest dialogue.
The calming energy of this stone aids in reducing anxiety, stress, and feelings of restlessness. Blue Chalcedony is also known to boost creativity, intuition, and mental clarity.
🔸Additionally, it promotes emotional healing by easing emotional trauma and promoting overall emotional well-being.
🔸In ancient times, Blue Chalcedony was often used to make seals and amulets due to its association with divine protection and warding off negative energies.
🔸It is believed to be an excellent stone for those who struggle with public speaking or expressing themselves confidently.

🔸All our jewelry comes beautifully and safely packed in a gift box on a jewelry card. You are welcome to include a personal gift message, we will print it on a nice paper card and put it inside with a box.

🔸Receipt is not included in package.

🔸Nickel and lead free, hypoallergenic.

🔸Caring instructions:

Exposure to certain chemicals or certain environments will result in compromising the beautiful integrity of your jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to the following: perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water, and even some soaps. Please don't store any of your jewelry in the bathroom.